Hunting Games

If you enjoy outdoor sports and playing the best hunting games for PC including big game then is the next best thing where you can play free online hunt games involving your favourite game such as duck hunting, fishing, turkey shoots, buck hunting, deer hunting, moose and other free flash games based on the great outdoor life of self survival. Please note: If you hunt for real then check you have the necessary hunting licence for your state. Play free online hunting games live on your computer.

Hunting GamesSo what makes a good hunting game? We have tested all the games on this website which are designed to improve your shooting skills in order to rack up the highest scores. We are constantly checking for the best new games which will be published on this website so make sure you visit us again soon where there will be more free games to play.

We find the best games are easy to play, fast to load and closely resemble hunting subjects such as rifles, lodges, gear and all your favourite hunting weapons such as long-range rifles, bows, crossbows and knives as we try to recreate realistic scenarios from the best animal hunting landscapes.

Most of the games such as duck hunting are based on shooting as many animals and birds (although you can even play dinosaur hunting games) as you can in order to progress up the levels although we do try and showcase different types of free hunting games and some people prefer to play bow hunting instead of rifle shooting games, in any case practice makes perfect and in order to achieve the best scores you will need to play as many games as you can spare time.

Some games players enjoy the thrill of hunting down big game such as free deer hunting games, buffalo, bears and bucks while stealth and subterfuge is the order of the day when you are hunting a clever animals such as birds, turkeys and fast-moving targets such as clays. If you hunt in real life make sure you adhere to the USFWS rules and regulations concerning outdoor hunting.

How do you play hunting games online? Most games are mouse controlled where you left click on the mouse in order to fire the gun or release the arrow to shoot down the targets, a steady hand is needed on your mouse as this controls the aim of the gun or bow.

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Reloading usually involves pressing the space bar or another key on your keyboard - we try to include detailed instructions for every game that is published on as there is nothing worse than being left frustrated because of poorly written instructions.

The more advanced game include the ability to shoot from long distances, this is called sniping and in order to do this you will need to use a high powered rifle with a decent scope attached. You then wait for your prey to arrive or you can stalk your way through the jungle or forest area in search for kills. Either way, you will need to show appreciation for the environment and respect the animals you are looking to shoot.

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