Deer Hunting Games

Deer Hunting GamesPlay the best free online deer hunting games right here at where you can find fast loading flash games that offer a variety of challenges. Whether you enjoy stand deer hunting or still you can always set yourself you targets of achieving a new high score or challenge friends to see who is the best deer hunter games player.

Our games feature classics that are based off North American deer hunting such as stalking white-tailed deer, black tailed deer and mule deer. Depending on your location and your hunting preferences you will be able to play or download a game to suit your hunting instincts.

Big game hunting of moose and elk require different skill sets and we hope to illustrate this with a range of fun games based on the big game. If you hunt further north, say in Alaska or Canada then you can also try your luck at reindeer hunting which again, experienced hunters will tell you requires alternative hunting methods in order to be successful.

  1. Play Bow Hunter
  2. Play Supreme Deer Hunting
  3. Play Bag a Monster Buck Game

Because we concentrate on deer games for PC, there might be some of them that are cartoon based and not 100% realistic - we feel does not hamper a hunters enjoyment of playing good deer hunting games as they still require you to be patient and have good hand-to-eye co-ordination in order to shoot the deer and big game.

Not all games are based on using a gun or long range rifle to shoot down the deer, many years ago and still today in some countries hunters use a bow to kill deer. Deer bow hunting games rely on the player pressing down on a key to "power up" the bow or tension. These really are very cool and make a nice change from normal deer gaming action.

Deer Hunting Tips

Hunt deer for real? Then take a look at our free tips for increasing your chances of a kill on your next hunting trip. Before you set out on your hunting trip, understand that deer are use their sense of smell as a severe defence mechanism.

Bath or shower with a non-fragrance soap before you change and also do not put on your hunting gear until you reach your destination, for best results keep them sealed in a polythene bag.

Hunting in wet and cold weather? Larry always hunts in all kinds of weather and would like to share a great tip for hunting in the wet. "Place some tape at the end of your rifles barrel (muzzleloader's only), you can shoot through it but it keeps your gun free from moisture". Great tip Larry - Thanks!

Survey your hunting grounds from the air, prior to a hunt. Think you might need to hire a pricey chopper to survey your hunting grounds? Nope - simply type in to your favourite search engine "aerial photos" or "aerial + your location" for some decent results on how to look at your hunting spot from above.